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Promotion : free snorkeling

  Free snorkeling in tortoise island for the guests stay 7 night at the resort.

Snorkleing tour with Mai Phuong tour you will enjoy the best coral on Phu Quoc island!


Enjoy life in the haven!

-             Beautiful beach on the Phu Quoc island!

-           Exploring to the north of phu quoc island with Mai Phuong Tour!

-           Are you ready to jum in the water with us!

-           The customer exploring jungles with us!

-           Natural is best of people!

-           come and join beautiful beach with us!

-           That's life with fishingman!

-           The best day with private boat trip in Mai Phuong Beachfront Resort!


-           My friends jerry explain about pepper in phu quoc!

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